Providing cost-effective and reliable
overseas transportation

We will pick up your car on Auction, AAA, Houses
or Auto Yards and we will deliver it on
the port, ready to be shipped to you
destination. Inland and Overseas services
provided with a 100% safety and
picture damaged car

What if the car is damaged?

After the vehicle is unloaded, check the condition against the original copy on the Bill of Lading (BOL). If there is damage, point it out to the driver and mark it on your copy of the BOL.

When you sign the delivery receipt, you accept your vehicle in apparent good condition, except as noted on receipt.

You have the responsibility to examine the vehicle for damage no matter what time the vehicle is delivered or weather conditions.
Feel free to take pictures, use camera and/or flashlight.

Obtain your receipt of the BOL and ask the driver for contact information to submit the claim.
Review the Carrier's Bill of Lading thoroughly and be sure to follow the directions completely.

Keep in mind before to ship your car!!

Car Freight, Inc. DOES NOT ship to South or Central America or to other Caribbean countries. Just From and To Puerto Rico.

We Do Not ship to Mexico.

We don't relocate household or carry passengers, only motorized vehicles transported by an open or enclosed carrier (your vehicle will not be driven)

We transport cars, motorcycles, vans and trucks within USA and ship cars (up to 800 cubic feet) to Puerto Rico and from Puerto Rico to USA. We will also fill out all the paperwork required by the Port authorities without additional fees or charges.

Our estimates are custom made depending on type of vehicle, route, time of the year, or if vehicles are running or not, pick up/drop off location, etc..

That is why we have agents to give the quotes over the phone and through our web page. The estimates are not given by a computer program that sometimes is inaccurate.