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From Alaska to the USA: Car Transport

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Shipping a car from Alaska to the United States

Con más de 25 años de experiencia en el envío de autos, en Car Freight Shipping haremos que el proceso de transporte desde Alaska a Estados Unidos sea una experiencia sencilla para ti. 

We can transport cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, yachts and heavy machinery.

If you need to transport a vehicle that is not in this description, our sales advisors can verify the possibility of shipping the unit from Alaska.

Keep reading this page to learn a little more about the process to ship your car from Alaska and how you can transport it with us.

Ports of departure/arrival for shipping cars from Alaska to the USA

Envío de auto desde Alaska a Estados Unidos

For shipping from Alaska to the United States, we have three ports located in Anchorage, Kodiak or Dutch Harbor and the port of arrival in the USA is in Tacoma (CA).

Thanks to the experience of our staff, the frequency of shipments from Alaska, we can design a quote that suits your needs and transport your car safely and reliably. 

If you live in cities far from Tacoma (port of arrival in the USA), you can hire our land transportation service, with which we will pick up the car at the port and deliver it to the location of your choice.

How to send your car from Alaska to the United States?

The first step is to quote now with Car Freight Shipping. Our quote is FREE and you will receive the best advice from our sales team. 

Once you accept the quote, we make the reservation for your shipment and we will proceed to pick up the car or you must deliver it at the port, on the date indicated by our team.

It is important that your car is in good condition to be transported: stop, go back, turn and move forward. Otherwise, you must tell us because inoperable vehicles generate additional costs in the service.

We summarize the process in three simple steps: 

*Some conditions apply

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What do other customers think of our service?

Very attentive, excellent service. The car arrived in perfect condition.


Jose Delgado

I would recommend this company to anyone who needs to ship. The professional way they handled my shipment was excellent.


Norma Cruz

I sent my car to PA and they were very efficient, it arrived quickly and without any problems.


Santiago Gris

How much does it cost to ship a car from Alaska?

Envío de auto desde Alaska a Estados Unidos

Thanks to our strategic alliances with more than 2,000 transport companies, we can offer you a competitive price adapted to your shipping needs. 

The cost to ship your vehicle from Alaska to the United States may vary depending on the model, make and year of the car, the condition of the car and whether additional services are required for the service. 

For this reason, you must contact our team of commercial advisors so that they can generate a personalized and appropriate quote for the vehicle you wish to transport. 

A quick guide to shipping your car from Alaska to the USA.

Here is the information you need to provide us to ship from Alaska: 

  1. Vehicle title and registration. 
  2. Copy of valid ID. 
  3. Full details of the person shipping the car in Alaska.
  4. Complete data of the person who receives the car in the United States.


Please note this may vary depending on shipping line requests or government legislation.


Ask our sales advisors about all the documentation required to ship your car from Alaska to the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you transport pets?

No. At Car Freight Shipping we only provide vehicle transport services.

How can I track my car shipment from Alaska?

Since transport times from Alaska vary according to the capacity of the port of departure, whenever you need to monitor the shipment of your vehicle you can contact our Customer Service Department to find out the status of your shipment and if there have been any developments. 

Does my vehicle travel insurance?

For the ocean shipping of your car, we have marine insurance for an additional cost. Consult your Car Freight Shipping sales advisor to include it in your quote. 

Will my vehicle be driven during transportation?

The car will only be handled for assembly and disassembly purposes in the corresponding transport, as well as at the time of collection and delivery. 

Do military discounts apply to shipping a car from Alaska?

Yes, we have military discounts on this route. Please ask our sales advisors about this benefit. 

Can I send personal items in the car that will be transported from Alaska?

No. However, you can consult with our sales advisors to find out which items are considered part of the car to avoid additional costs.

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