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car transport from miami

With Car Freight Shipping it is now easier to send your car from Miami to any city in the United States. Thanks to our experience, we will help you transport your car quickly and without complications.

Annually we ship more than 10 thousand cars within the USA, providing you with the best service and door-to-door delivery in the 50 states of the country.

Read on to learn how the process of shipping cars from Texas works and how you can ship your car anywhere in the US.

send your car from miami to any city in the USA

By hiring Car Freight Shipping, you will have at your disposal more than 2000 allied carriers that allow you to offer better delivery times for your car.

With us you can transport cars, motorcycles, boats, vans, trucks, heavy machinery, and more, from one state to another in the United States, having coverage in all 50 states of the country.

You can also send your vehicle to nearby islands, such as:

How does transportation work from Miami?

The first step is to request a quote from us. Our team will be in charge of finding the best price for your service and will contact you to answer your questions and concerns.

Once you confirm the service, we will look for the available truck to pick up your car and deliver it to the location you indicate.

This will be the process of your shipment:

*Some conditions apply

Send your insured car from Miami to any city in the USA

What do other customers think of our service?

I highly recommend your services. I shipped my cars from Georgia to Puerto Rico and everything was on time and I was always kept informed of the condition of the vehicle throughout the trip.


Ruben Texidor

Customer service and information was excellent. All information provided was correct and accurate. I highly recommend to anyone who needs to ship their car.


Phillip Geduld

In general, the service is very organized; They were available to answer questions and guide me through the entire process. Simple to follow and practical steps. Very happy with the results; Thanks again.


Juan Ortiz

Cost of shipping cars from miami

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Depending on the destination, season, weather conditions, make and model of your car and truck availability at the time of shipment, the price of transportation will be established.

Benefits of hiring our service? You will save a lot of time and money by avoiding tolls, fuel, and other expenses.

At the time of reading this article, we have available dates to transport your car from Miami to any other place within the USA and Quote is free!

Guide to shipping your car from miami

Sending your car from Miami to Denver, Maryland, Los Angeles or any other place within the 50 states in the USA is very simple with Car Freight Shipping

For transportation within the US, you only need a copy of a valid ID and the personal data of the person sending and the person receiving the car, both of whom must be over 18 years of age.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I ship to any city in the US, what type of transportation will my vehicle take?

Most shipments are made in an open truck, with a capacity of 8 to 10 vehicles. These trucks are much larger than normal moving trucks.

What happens if my vehicle is damaged?

It is important that when you receive your car, you check it and compare the information that the driver has in the Bill of Lading (BOL):

If you sign the BOL, it means that you accept the conditions of delivery of your car.

If the vehicle presents any damage, you must notify it in your copy of the BOL and ask the driver for the information to make the corresponding claim.

Recommendation: Always check the delivery status of your vehicle, regardless of the time or the weather. If there is any damage, we recommend taking photographs as evidence of such damage and retaining your copy of the BOL.

What happens if my vehicle does not work? Will they transport it?

If your vehicle does not drive forward, reverse, brake, or turn for pickup and delivery, it is considered inoperable and incurs additional cost to your service, as these vehicles require more physical activity and more time to set up and takedown. which represents delays in logistics.

How long does land transportation take?

It varies depending on the weather conditions, the distance of the shipment, the availability of trucks at the time you want to make the shipment, etc.

Can the quote that you send me to be changed?

Our quote is valid for 7 calendar days. After this time, the costs may change and you will have to quote again to check if there is any update in the value.

Do you transport in closed trucks?

Yes. The closed truck transport can only transport between 4 and 6 vehicles and is equipped with a hydraulic door to facilitate the mounting and dismounting of the vehicle. These differences make transport more expensive compared to the open truck.

Send your insured car from Miami to any city in the USA

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