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Car transport from USA to Hawaii

With Car Freight Shipping it is now easier to ship your car from any city in the USA to Hawaii. Thanks to our experience, we will help you transport your car quickly and without complications.

From the main ports of the USA, we have frequent departures to Hawaii and if you require it, we offer you our pick-up service to take your car to the port.

Read on to learn how the process of shipping cars from the United States to Hawaii works and you can transport your vehicle with us.

Ports of arrival/departure for shipping cars to Hawaii

Transporte de auto de USA a Hawaii

At Car Freight Shipping we offer you competitive prices, a high frequency of shipments to Hawaii and all the experience of our staff to transport your car from anywhere in the USA.

We have direct shipments from Long Beach, Tacoma and Oakland to Honolulu, Hilo, Kahului and Nawiliwili and vice versa.

 If you live in another city, we have our ground transportation service at your disposal to take your car to the corresponding port.

How does shipping from the USA to Hawaii work?

To send your vehicle from the USA to Hawaii or vice versa, the basic documentation required is:

  • Vehicle title and registration.
  • Copy of your valid ID.
  • Personal data (address, name, telephone and email) of the sender in the USA and the recipient in Hawaii.


Shipping your car from the USA to Hawaii takes approximately 5-7 days. This is the transportation time on the ship and may change without notice*.


* For more information on the documentation required for your shipment, consult your commercial advisor. 

*Some conditions apply

It's time to ship your car from the USA to Hawaii!

What do other customers think of our service?

I highly recommend your services. I shipped my cars from Georgia to Puerto Rico and everything was on time and I was always kept informed of the condition of the vehicle throughout the trip.


Ruben Texidor

Customer service and information was excellent. All information provided was correct and accurate. I highly recommend to anyone who needs to ship their car.


Phillip Geduld

In general, the service is very organized; They were available to answer questions and guide me through the entire process. Simple to follow and practical steps. Very happy with the results; Thanks again.


Juan Ortiz

Prepare your car for shipping to hawaii

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1. Your car must be in good condition for shipping, must not have any cracks or damage to the windows and windshield, as well as a working emergency brake

2. Remove your personal belongings from the vehicle, including players, accessories, and fire extinguisher.

3. The car should only have ¼ gas in the tank.

 4. In the case of electric cars, the battery must be fully charged.

5. The vehicle must be clean to facilitate its inspection at the time of shipment.

For more details on the requirements that your car must meet for transport, consult your commercial advisor

A quick guide to send your car to hawaii

1. The ports of arrival/departure in the USA for this service are located in Tacoma, WA; Oakland, CA and Long Beach, CA.

2. Ports of arrival/departure in Hawaii for this service are located in Honolulu, Kahului, Nawiliwili, Hilo.

We can ship your car, motorcycle, van, truck or heavy machinery from the USA to Hawaii (or vice versa), departing every week from the aforementioned ports.

If you need more information and advice, contact our sales team and they will clarify your doubts or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transport RVs to Hawaii?

Of course, with our service we transport different types of vehicles. In this case, it will be necessary to know the length, width, and height dimensions of the vehicle in order to generate an adequate quote.

Can I include personal items in my RV?

In RVs that already come with added items, such as kitchen, bed, tables and chairs, these will be considered part of the vehicle. However, personal items such as books, clothes, food, surfboards, will not be allowed inside the vehicle.

My car doesn't work, can you transport it?

Your vehicle must be in good condition to be driven; this includes the ability to go forward, reverse, brake and turn. Otherwise, it will be considered "inoperable" and cannot be transported to Hawaii in that condition.

What to do once the car arrives at the port?

The vehicle must go through an inspection upon arrival at the port of destination, to then be "released". From the release date, you will have approximately five calendar days, including holidays and weekends, to pick up your car, without incurring storage costs. (*Our Customer Service team will keep you informed).

What requirement must I meet after the Covid 19 pandemic?

The virus and its variants always generate some changes in the conditions of transport. Please, consult with your Car Freight Shipping commercial adviser for any new developments in your service or in the documents you require to transport your car.

Does my vehicle travel insurance?

For the ocean shipping of your car, we have marine insurance for an additional cost. Consult your Car Freight Shipping sales advisor to include it in your quote.

Can I bring personal belongings inside my vehicle?

It is not allowed to transport personal belongings such as suitcases or boxes in the vehicle. However, child seats and spare tires, as well as tools to replace the latter, will be considered part of the car.

It's time to ship your car from the USA to Hawaii!

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