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Here are the answers to the most common questions about our service.

The vehicles will only be handled for assembly and disassembly purposes in the corresponding transport and at the time of collection and delivery, always according to the circumstances and following local regulations or restrictions.

Recommendation: Write down the mileage of your car at the time of pick-up and delivery. Any discrepancies must be put in writing and signed by the driver and you (client).

It is the ideal of our service in Car Freight ShippingHowever, in some residences, localities, or states they do not allow it and if this is the case, an appointment with the trucker will be arranged in a place that is convenient for you, such as parking lots or shopping centers and the delivery of the vehicle will be made.

Someone must be present at the place of delivery or collection to sign the BOL (Bill of Lading).

If you do not have a third party who can receive or deliver the vehicle, it will be taken to the nearest terminal (this may be several miles from your location) and you will be responsible for picking up or transporting it to the desired location.

We do not transport pets. We only provide services related to car transportation.

Your vehicle must be in good (operable) condition to be driven; this includes the ability to go forward, reverse, brake and turn. In case it is not operable, an additional charge will be made since it implies greater physical effort for its assembly and disassembly from the truck or ship.

For Land Transportation of your car, we have all-risk insurance included in the quote. Regarding the Ocean shipping service, we can offer you maritime insurance with different coverages and an additional cost to the service. Please, consult with our commercial advisors for more information and to know the terms and conditions.

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