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Shipping cars to Guam

With over 25 years of experience shipping cars, we at Car Freight Shipping will make the process of shipping from the United States to Guam an easy experience for you. 

To Guam, we can transport cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, yachts and heavy machinery. If you need to transport a vehicle that is not in this description, our commercial advisors can verify the possibility of shipping the unit from the United States. 

Keep reading this page to learn a little more about the process to ship your car to Guam and how you can transport it with us. 

Ports of departure/arrival for shipping cars from USA to Guam

Envío de autos hacia Guam

To transport your car to Guam, we have three departure ports in the United States, located in Long Beach (CA), Tacoma (WA), and Oakland (CA).

At these ports, your car will be shipped on vessels that have internal garages, specifically designed for your vehicle to travel safely and protected against weather changes that may occur during transport.

As with our other routes, if you live in cities far from ports in the USA, you can hire our ground transportation service and we will pick up your vehicle at the location you indicate and transport it to the corresponding port.

How to ship your car to Guam?

The first step is to quote now with Car Freight Shipping. Our quote is FREE and you will receive the best advice from our sales team. 

Once you accept the quote, we make the reservation for your shipment and we will proceed to pick up the car or you must deliver it at the port, on the date indicated by our team.

It is important that your car is in good condition to be transported: stop, go back, turn and move forward. Otherwise, you must tell us because inoperable vehicles generate additional costs in the service. 

We summarize the process in three simple steps: 


*Some conditions apply

It's time to ship your car to Guam!

What do other customers think of our service?

Car Freight took care of absolutely every detail related to shipping my car to Puerto Rico. I highly recommend this company for anyone who wants to ship their vehicle.


Enrique Velazquez

I am extremely grateful to CAR FREIGHT their services very good responsible attentive with the whole process keep the customer informed and any questions or concerns they help you . I recommend them 100%.


Miguel Angel

Excellent service, they contacted me within a week and in a week I had my car.


Yolanda Capo

How much does it cost to ship a car to Guam?

Envío de autos hacia Guam

Car shipping to Guam is perhaps one of the most expensive services in the vehicle transportation market, given the distance between the USA and Guam, as well as the logistics involved in this route. 

The cost for shipping your vehicle may vary depending on the model, make, and year of the car, the conditions in which it is found, and if additional services are required for the service. 

For this reason, you must contact our team of commercial advisors so that they can generate a personalized and appropriate quote for the vehicle you wish to transport. 

A quick guide to shipping cars to Guam Guide

This is the basic information you need to provide us to ship to Alaska: 

  1. Complete data of the person who sends the car in the United States.
  2. Full details of the person receiving the car in Guam. 
  3. VIN #, make, model and color of the vehicle. 
  4. Alterations to the vehicle: rims/rubber tires or special tires, modifications to the rims or internal parts of the car. (*Only if it applies to your vehicle).

Please note that this may vary depending on requests from shipping lines or the US Customs Department. 

Consult with our sales advisors for more information about the documentation or requirements for your shipment. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to ship my car to Guam?

Transportation from USA (West Coast) to Guam takes approximately 14 days, time that only includes transportation from port to port.

What documents do I need to ship my car to Guam?

You must have a copy of your driver's license, a copy of your car's title, and a copy of your registration. If you do not have the title because your car is being financed, you will need a letter from the finance company that authorizes the transport of the unit. 

Consult with our commercial advisors for more details and requirements to make your shipment to Guam. 

Does my vehicle travel insurance?

For the ocean shipping of your car, we have marine insurance for an additional cost. Consult your Car Freight Shipping sales advisor to include it in your quote. 

Can I send my car from any city in the USA to Guam?

Yes you can. Remember that anywhere in the United States we can pick up your car and take it to the port for shipment. 

How should I prepare my car for shipment to Guam?
  1. The car must not have any leaks or drips, as well as the battery must be well secured. 
  2. It is recommended that the vehicle be clean to facilitate inspection at the port. 
  3. It should only have a ¼ tank of gas. Otherwise, the excess gasoline must be removed from the car. 
  4. Disable any alarms, external lights, and anti-theft equipment. 
  5. Remove keys, garage controls, pull-out radios, CDs, CD/DVD players, and more.


For more information, consult with our commercial advisors about the requirements that your car must meet to be sent. 

How do you ship my car?

En el transporte marítimo, los vehículos se transportan en embarcaciones flatbed o en embarcaciones multipropósito que están diseñadas para evitar daños durante el envío.

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